About Me

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Welcome! My name is Cate. I am an MLIS graduate student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, due to graduate this December.  I moved to Minneapolis in 2017 following my husband’s acceptance into University of St. Thomas School of Law.

I started working in libraries in 2014. I specialize in digital literacy and technology, but my favorite thing to do is to introduce someone to an amazing book. I love talking about the nuances of genre fiction as well as the future of artificial intelligence and everything in between.

I love to tell stories and have performed at events for The Moth on several occasions. I strive for a minimalist lifestyle, but that ends at my book collection. I have over 450 books spanning several genres, including classical literature, political science, romance, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, and sociology. I also have several antique books dating back as far as 1721 and my entire collection is arranged according to color.

My husband and I have two dogs. Milo is a dachshund and Riley is a Shetland sheepdog/Italian greyhound mix. We love hiking and playing in the snow, and we recently discovered kayaking, but we learned it’s best to leave the dogs home for that. Most days you can find us cooking and drowning in schoolwork.

Please feel free to reach out or leave a comment. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!