About Me

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Hello and welcome! My name is Cate Triola, and I am from Minneapolis, MN.

I recently earned my master’s degree in information and library science, but I’ve been working in libraries for about four years. I’ve done a variety of things, from performing storytimes for school-age children to showing seniors how to use robots. I’ve done in-depth research for law professors and debated the nuances of sub-genre with mystery-lovers. I started off in librarianship for the books, but I stay for the people.

I have over 450 books in my personal collection that span several genres, including classical literature, political science, romance, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, and sociology. All of them are arranged according to color, much to the chagrin of my Dewey-loving friends. I also keep a collection of antique books dating back as far as 1721.

I love storytelling in all of its forms, so I am constantly reading or listening to something. I also occasionally create my own stories, which I perform on stage at events for The Moth. I love sharing books and ideas with everyone I meet. Sometimes that means that I skip talking about the weather and launch straight into, “What do you think about this idea I read about?”

(Did you know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a specific necklace she wears when she dissents on a majority opinion?)

When I’m not doing library-type things, I am spending time with my husband and our two dogs. I also love to cook, exercise, and go out on the water in the summer. I am a coffee, wine, and cheese enthusiast, and I love to travel whenever I can.

I am excited to exchange some ideas with you! Please reach out or leave a comment. =)