Minneapolis Central Library

When I found out that my husband had gotten into law school in Minneapolis, I started doing research on the libraries in the Twin Cities. I found a picture of the central library in downtown Minneapolis. I had never seen a library like it in person and I was so excited that not only was I going to be able to see this library, but it would be my home library.


Minneapolis Central is located in the Downtown West neighborhood, less than a mile away from where I live. We arrived in Minnesota on June 16th, 2017. I took this picture on June 17th around noon. It was one of the first things we did, and we weren’t disappointed. The library was large and beautiful and overflowing with books and technology.

We moved six weeks after my husband was accepted into the University of St. Thomas. Those weeks were filled with packing, donating, getting married, selling a house, finding a place to live, submitting two week notices, filing for student loans, saying goodbye to friends and family, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. I only managed a handful of job applications. It was six months before I finally got back into a library, in the position I am currently in. But in the meantime, I was able to volunteer at the central library.

In September, I started volunteering as a computer tutor. I spent two hours a week helping patrons apply for jobs, create resumes, and scan documents. Because I was a volunteer, I was able to devote my time to each person who needed my help. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Tomorrow is my last day. It’s been such an amazing experience. Everyone there was so welcoming and eager to help me learn. The librarians helped me prepare for interviews and with some of my projects for graduate school. I also got to run technical support for Northern Spark and met so many wonderful people.

The whole experience grounded me. When I was adjusting to a new home, exploring a city I had never been to, and temporarily working in an industry that I didn’t belong in, I still got to come to this place once a week and do exactly what I had always been doing.

This is definitely not goodbye. It is still my home library, after all.

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