Makeup for VR

A few weeks ago, I ran a Virtual Reality program at a community center near my library. It was a really great experience and I loved being able to introduce VR to a new audience. I used Oculus Rift on an Alienware laptop. While the program ran smoothly, I ran into a personal issue.


This headset and my eyebrows are not friends. To complete the hardware set up, you have to put the headset on and calibrate the sensors with the headset and the hand controls. I was careful putting on the headset, but I spent the entire program wondering if my eyebrows were smeared. This is distracting, especially if you are in a new space and don’t have a mirror on hand.

If you can forgo makeup on a day you know you’ll be using VR, I recommend it. But sometimes VR just happens, and who can pass up the opportunity to put on the headset and immediately be transported to a different time and place?

Also, there are people in the world that can’t not wear makeup. I am one of these people.


So I did a bit of research like the library scientist I am, I played around a bit, and here we are. Makeup for VR.

I outlined my eyebrows with NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil and filled them in with Wunderbrow. Wunderbrow detects even the tiniest, babiest hairs, so it helps me to be able to work inside lines. The pencil itself isn’t very durable, but Wunderbrow is amazing.

Any waterproof mascara should be smear-proof. I use Better than Sex by Too Faced.

Tinted moisturizer is better than liquid foundation when it comes to durability. I use Organic Wear by Physicians Formula.

NYX makes great setting powder and setting spray to finish off your look. If you’re not into the natural look, you can add your favorite lipstick without having a problem.

This particular headset is also not great with hair. I wear my hair down and very lightly styled. A low ponytail might also work.

Happy VRing!

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